Buy Watchguard Firewall from Wroffy – Watchguard partner offers Watchguard Firewall Support and Managment solutions to small business and enterprise throughout the India.

Watchguard offer affordable, easy-to-manage network security. WatchGuard is a leading provider in Unified Threat Management system, Next Gen Firewall and Secure Wireless solutions. Their network security products portfolio is designed to scale & fit the needs and network capabilities of all business sizes and structures. From the enterprise to the small branch office, They have got network security solutions that deliver security, performance, and rock-solid reliability. WatchGuard delivers powerful security and performance without the powerful price tag.

WatchGuard Network Security Appliances

Tabletop Firebox Appliances

Small form factor, total security, high performance, tabletop firewall appliances with optional built-in Wi-Fi capabilities ideal for SMB and branch office locations.

Rack-Mount Firebox Appliances

1U rack-mount, total network security appliances with screaming fast performance ideal for mid-sized and large enterprise organizations.

Virtual/Cloud Firebox Solutions

All of the performance and total network security without hardware, ideal for any size organization moving their IT infrastructure to a private or public cloud.

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